Web Design Trends For Smart Business Owners

Mobile First

Designers and developers are beginning to make more sites with focus on mobiles since the majority of the revenue currently comes from this device. It is imperative that developers and designers have previous experience in designing apps in order to guarantee an excellent UX for the smaller screen sizes. This can help them create an app-based website that requires special attention because of its dimensions.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

The April rains are bringing May flowers this is why you’re seeing more vibrant colors and more rounded corners on websites. Like the design of elements like profile avatars and form inputs; backgrounds have also transitioned out of 90 degrees to draw attention with different perspectives that keep your customers engaged for longer than they were before. Your website must keep up with the latest trends to build confidence between you and your potential clients. This will enable users to not just buy from you but also recommend your services, which will increase sales by a significant amount.

More Interactions and Animations

jQuery and various web technologies make animated websites popular. These scripts can transform your website into a reading platform that can read printed text, and they also let interaction between the user and elements of the site. This is an enormous improvement from the old limitations of what you could accomplish prior to the introduction of images on the internet.

Websites are becoming increasingly interactive. With no need to resort to the 1990s ugly design slide transitions on pages and information panels can be used to make your website seem more lively. The increased interaction can lead to visitors to sites that earn revenue, which can result in a higher per-visit rate (RPV).


Many companies are now using the HTML5 video tag to secure their websites and keep them up and running. With more platforms that allow video hosting (including streaming) businesses are able to manage this with greater ease than they ever have before. Utilizing these tags permits video content from companies to seamlessly integrate into their websites and give the possibility of a greater selection of players.

Backgrounds for video

With video backgrounds in the ascendancy, you can use them to your advantage, and improve engagement time with customers. This is due to the fact that they boost conversion rates by offering more information about what a business has to offer in a smaller area than traditional images accomplish, making videos easier for customers who aren’t able to take the time to read all day.

Video backgrounds are a great way to increase brand recognition and increase the number of people returning. They have been used both in general and for certain types like video marketing or eCommerce content strategies to aid in growing your business by increasing the time spent on-site while also boosting customer engagement levels.

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