Panel Drug Test Kits At Workplace: Things You Should Know

Federal law requires all workplaces are free of any substance. Employers have a duty to ensure that employees are safe and well. This is because they contribute significantly to the bottom line of the business. One method for employers to ensure this environment exists without sacrificing efficiency or safety is by conducting workplace tests.

The use of drug testing kits becomes essential when it comes to workplace urine tests. Not only are they simple enough for everyone, however, the results can be quickly and easily obtained using a single test to determine the fact that your employee is using substances at work, if you know the substance the employee was using prior to his test. These kits are helpful for situations where someone isn’t sure about the substance or amount caused the positive result. Multi-panel kits enable users to use multiple panels and provide exact details from every class.

Employers can make use of the multi-panel kits to discover if their employees are using prescription medication. These kits are equipped with various panels that can be used to identify various drugs and newcomer testers, so you will never be worried about being caught off guard when it’s time to conduct business.

The most widely used drug test kit available nowadays is the urine test. They are able to detect between 2 to 12 different substances at once including cocaine and marijuana. But, they can also detect other favorite substances like amphetamines and barbiturates. Urine contains specific antibodies that attach to these substances once they are in contact with them. This gives rise to a color change on your fingertips after applying microwaves that are tested by the strip kit to its surface.

These are the reason to consider these types of products.

Many employees are concerned about privacy concerns because one drug test can only be able to detect specific substances. Multi-panel kits permit the detection of more drugs, cutting down on the two issues because there’s less need for repeat tests for these kinds of kits as in comparison to single panel kit use, which is costly in addition to if employers need they are conducted frequently enough or even at all, based on the company culture is. Here are a few benefits:

Employees are not allowed to escape detection if a tests reveal the most commonly abused prescription or illicit drugs. Employers usually ignore drug users or make them too poor.

When given the option, a majority of employees would rather provide their samples. Employers can easily collect one set of samples from employees and submit it, which will save time and avoid any awkward encounters with colleagues who might have been using drugs in the workplace.

Employers can conduct drug tests to verify that their employees are free of drugs. However, this can be expensive for employers who have to test every employee individually using the individual tests that cost more than multi-panel tests , which don’t require the same number of samples from every worker and therefore reduce costs in some cases.

The easy-to-use test kits make it possible for employees and employers alike, without the need for any professional assistance. The test kits can be used at all times, making them easy to access at work.

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